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Limbless (2023), shortfilm

Katoava kollektiivi movie night, 2023

Finnish Film Foundation Lyhyesti kerran kuussa: Pelon hetket, 2023

A creature encounters a group of friends in an unnatural environment. They start a journey through values and scenery. One wonders, what would be the most humane way to encounter a strange creature.

Cast: Lislel Tyrakowski, Olli Kalliala, Clara Maginsson, Anna Kolkowska, Zaire Souchi, Kerttu Sormunen, Emma Viitanen, Vishnu Rajan, Olli Halonen, Nipsu Nipsulainen

Writing for screen, directing, cinematography, editing: Ainu Kyrönseppä
Ass. Director: Phan Nguyễn
Sound person: Adey Zookrow
Music: Exploited body, comp. Nori Kin

Arctic Endgame is written with the idea that other young people should also receive comprehensible and up-to-date information on the state of the climate and climate change and that they should be able to participate in the evaluation of the necessary measures. Every young person also has the right to know what can be done about it and how the solutions are not without problems.

Editors: Liina Huttunen, Lassi Laakso

Writers: Ada Koistinen, Viktor Jaakkola, Lassi Laakso, Justus Lehtisaari, Ellen Haaslahti, Anton Keskinen

Visual design: Ainu Kyrönseppä, Saana Ott

Supported by Maj and Tor Nessling foundation


Get to Know Us

Arctic Endgame (2023), a magazine


Välitila (2023), shortfilm

Katoava kollektiivi movie night, 2023
Mitäsmitäsmitäs, 2023

Unable to find her voice, Alba isolates herself and struggles to exist alone. She overhears neighbours arguing about the value of living, the past and the future. The conversation heard from behind the wall keeps her at a distance from participating, but the thin walls keep her awkwardly present in the private reflections of others. Suddenly, Alba's perception of the present changes.

Cast: Elina Kuusela, Anna Naatus, Jenna Viro,

Unna Kortehisto


Screenwriting, directing, cinematography and editing:

Ainu Kyrönseppä

Sound person: Emma Viitanen

Composer: Tiikka Drama

Photography: Anna Naatus

Visual promo for SiniMini's single Jätti.

Cast: Sini Tuominen

Screenwriting, directing and editing:
Ainu Kyrönseppä


Jätti (2022), video trailer



Parkki (2022), shortfilm

Tampere Film Festival, 2023

Two bored lovers find a car to make out in. Suddenly they find something more interesting to do.

Cast: Irini Kajala, Selina Ukkonen

Screenwriting, directing: Ainu Kyrönseppä, Selina Ukkonen

Production: Euphoria Borealis

Cinematography: Benjamin Bouillé

Editing: Ainu Kyrönseppä

Sound: Adey Zookrow

Music: Elsi Sloan

CryBABY is a shortfilm that depicts how society's expectations can limit the individual's right to autonomy. In dreams, the individual is free, able to flourish and rest.

Wetlands are often seen in films as menacing and deathly, even though wetlands thrive with life.

Cast: Selina Ukkonen

Screenwriting, directing, editing: Ainu Kyrönseppä

Cinematography: Jonathan Moy de Vitry

Sound person: Atsushi Hirakawa

Foley: Emma Viitanen

Composer: Nipsu Nipsulainen

Music: Waterflower - Too Many Times (Buurii)


CryBABY (2022), shortfilm

Kino Euphoria, 2022

Illansuu Taivaskallio, 2022


TULVA (2020), video performance

URB- festival, 2020

Urbanapa, 2020

Winner of This Good Company picture contest, 2020

Kinos-klubi, 2021

Is the user of internet only a receiver, that is being dominated by the internet infrastructure, or are we in fact in control of our individual thoughts and decision making in today’s obsessive use of online data?

Two performers (Ainu Kyronseppa & Johan Hogsten) portray the energy of virtual reality through dance-, video- and light art. Uncharted waters lies ahead of us with the magnitude of internet and the fast developing world.


Consept, performance, editing: Johan Högsten and Ainu Kyrönseppä

Light Design: Liisa Kyrönseppä

Composer: Elias Salmenkallio

Costuming, set design, assistance: Ansa Matikainen

Cinematography: Kansallisgalleria

Collaboration with Kiasma theater

I’m a dancer, artist, enthusiast, creator. I create intuitive movement and I enjoy challenging the eye of the viewer as well as the performer’s body in the surrounding space. The movement, spur of the moment, freedom and cleverness – triggered by an emotion – are titillating. In my solo piece, I explore communication and contact between the body and light.


A lingering moment. Stay and move after all, Towards the light. - Ainu Kyrönseppä

Consept and performance: Ainu Kyrönseppä

Light design: Ainu Palmu

Sound design: Elias Salmenkallio

Music: Skee Mask - Cerroverb, Jon Hopkins - Neon Pattern Drum

Support: Konstsamfundet


Generation 2020-exhibition, 2020

SÄIE (2020), performance


IKILIIKKUJA (2019), performance

Urbanapa, 2019

A continuous reaction within the collective. 'ikiliikkuja' is about impulses, continuums and vibrations between people. Like a perpetual motion machine, the figure prances about and responds to the spectacles happening all around.


The work group consists of three women (Ainu Kyrönseppä, Anna Skibjuk, Arina Laubert) who have created a choreographed piece through concepts, using music and objects as their inspiration.


Consept and performance: Arina Laubert, Ainu Kyrönseppä and Anna Skibjuk

Sound design: Elias Salmenkallio

The introduction to Työ (Eng. Work) feels like going through a traumatic state of mind and how to reorient yourself after an emotional turmoil.


In addition to the dancers, the work features poems created by Aida Vanamo, Leo Minkkinen and Kaisa Sainio, one of which can give you a little indication of what's to come:

“Stop the anger,

Stop the bitterness,

Stop all malice.

Feeling beautiful, dear, auspicious.

You are alone, among others. ”


Consept, directing and choreography: Ainu Kyrönseppä

Dancers: Johan Högsten, Elina Kuusela, Oskari Kymäläinen, Isabella Mansnerus, Leo Minkkinen, Nelia Naumanen, Anna Skibjuk, Aida Tervo and Leo Terävä

Sound design: Kalle Kontio

Cinematography: Melanie Rose, Robin Vuorinen, Tommy Parikka and Adel Mekhane

Visual designer: Akseli Manner


Sibelius high school diploma of dance art, 2019

Demo in Urbanapa, 2018

TYÖ (2019), performance

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